• Maintaining Weight Loss: Tips for Long-Term Success and Preventing Regain
    Losing weight isn’t easy, but it can be just as difficult to maintain the weight loss and prevent regaining the weight. Your doctor can help. Dr. Jeremy McConnell and program Read more
  • Medical Approaches to Weight Loss
    America Has An Obesity Epidemic Dr. Jeremy McConnell and program director Rachel Smith, DNP, ARNP directs Discover Health in Bradenton, FL, and fights for weight loss. America has been fighting an obesity Read more
  • How Weight Loss Can Improve Your Energy
    Many people want to lose weight so that they can feel more attractive, achieve a more desirable shape, and fit into their favorite clothes. One of the additional benefits of Read more
  • Tips for Starting Your Weight Loss Journey
    At Discover Health, Dr. Jeremy McConnell and program director Rachel Smith, DNP, ARNP can provide many different services that can improve your overall health. For instance, they know how to help Read more
  • Ways We Can Help Managing Your Weight
    Proven Tools To Help Managing Your Weight Obesity can greatly increase the risk of developing a variety of serious chronic conditions and health complications. Just about every health professional recommends making Read more
  • Proven Tools To Help Managing Your Weight
    If you are trying to lose weight or manage your weight, you already know how frustrating it can be. Your doctor can help. Dr. Jeremy McConnell, and program director Rachel Read more
  • Improve Your Long Term Health With Weight Loss
    Did you know that losing just five or ten pounds can have a tremendous benefit on your long-term health? It’s true! In fact, losing weight can help your heart, your Read more
  • The Importance of Weight Loss as an Adult
    Life can get busy and it’s easy to lose track of things like fitness and healthy eating habits. Obesity can severely impact your life and you might find yourself struggling Read more
  • Using Weight Loss Medications
    Losing weight can be a long journey and it can be frustrating at times. It’s important to know -that) when you’re trying to lose weight, there are options that you Read more
  • Managing Your Weight After Menopause
    Dealing with menopause can impact various aspects of your life. One major issue that you are likely to notice is that it can be hard to lose weight easily. Your Read more
  • Individualized Approach to Weight Loss
    Losing weight is a completely different experience for everyone that goes through the process. Our bodies handle weight differently and we process food and exercise in different ways. Weight loss Read more
  • Improve Your Long Term Health With Weight Loss
    Many people across the country struggle with their weight and in turn, may have many other health issues as well. Obesity can cause long-term complications and it’s crucial to your Read more
  • Losing Weight Improves Your Long-term Health
    Losing weight has many benefits. You look and feel better, and it increases your quality of life. Shedding those extra pounds also has many long-term health benefits. Unfortunately, many people Read more
  • An Individualized Approach to Weight Loss
    We work with your biology instead of fighting against it. The right diet and weight loss routine for you isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. What works well for one person might not Read more
  • FDA Approved Medications To Help With Weight Loss
    Could medication be the thing that jumpstarts your weight loss? Many people are struggling with obesity or being overweight. We also see many people in our office who have tried every Read more
  • The Health Benefits of Weight Loss
    Find out the excellent health benefits of weight loss. We all know that losing weight can help us look great and feel great, too, but you might not realize all the Read more

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