An Individualized Approach to Weight Loss

We work with your biology instead of fighting against it.

The right diet and weight loss routine for you isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. What works well for one person might not work well for someone else, which is why you may be frustrated that you don’t see results despite listening to the latest weight loss tips. This is where working with the Discover Health team can finally help you get out of the yo-yo dieting and ultimately lose weight and keep it off.

What Is Impacting My Weight Loss?

Chances are good that you’ve tried every diet under the sun just to fall back into old habits, or you simply don’t see results. If this sounds like you, it is time that you try working with a healthcare provider that has obesity medicine training and understands the nuances of weight loss and how your genes and other factors can impact your ability to lose weight.

Everything from your biology to your sleep habits to your prior weight loss experiences can dictate whether or not it’s easy for you to lose weight. We consider all of these factors, which a standard weight loss program just can’t. If you’ve been struggling to see results with your own weight loss or diet program, it may be time to see a medical professional.

How Can Your Medical Team Help Me Lose Weight?

Here at Discover Health, your weight loss team will provide advanced testing to look at your overall health and to understand if there are underlying conditions that could be impacting your ability to lose weight. We also take a phenotypic approach to weight loss. Here are the four main phenotypes,

  • Hungry brain: You never feel full no matter how much you eat
  • Hungry gut: You’re hungry only an hour or two after eating a huge meal
  • Emotional hunger: You find that your emotions often dictate how much you eat or even overeat
  • Slow burn: Despite eating well, exercising regularly and doing all the “right” things, your metabolic rate is still slow, and you have trouble losing weight

Individuals can fall outside of these categories or into more than one. That’s okay! Our obesity medicine team at Discover Health will determine the dominant phenotype and map out your weight loss solution.

Losing weight is not easy, but our Discover Health team can work with your biology to provide a customized weight loss solution that helps you finally achieve results. To set your initial appointment and discuss your weight loss options, call Discover Health today at (941) 667-2796

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