FDA Approved Medications To Help With Weight Loss

Could medication be the thing that jumpstarts your weight loss?

Many people are struggling with obesity or being overweight. We also see many people in our office who have tried every diet under the sun and get regular movements every day but still don’t see results. They don’t understand that there are biological factors that could be preventing them from seeing results. They are doing the work, but unfortunately, their body isn’t cooperating. Here at Discover Health in West Bradenton, FL, our obesity medicine doctor Dr. Jeremy McConnell, offers a variety of FDA-approved medications to help with weight loss.

Say Goodbye Cravings

We all know how powerful our cravings can be. They can take over; despite your willpower, it’s often hard to say “no.” Fortunately, the FDA has approved several medications over the last few years that help those with obesity control their appetite and cravings. If you have trouble gaining control over your cravings, talk with our team about whether medication could help.

Suppress Your Appetite

Along with kicking cravings to the curb, many medications can also suppress appetite and help keep those hunger pangs at bay. Individuals with a BMI over 30 or a BMI of 27 or higher along with a chronic health problem may benefit from appetite suppressant medications.

Feel Fuller Faster

Did you know your brain has a lot to say about your set weight point? This means that when you start losing weight, your brain decides to jump on in to “correct it.” Also, the level of leptin, the “hunger” hormone, is based on how much body fat you have. Therefore, more fat in the body equates to more leptin.

As you start to lose weight, the amount of leptin drops, which you might assume is a good thing; however, this drop is leptin tells your brain to bring the fat back because it thinks it’s in starvation mode. The result? Your brain increases hunger, making it more difficult to lose weight on diet and exercise alone. This is when medication can help.

Ease Emotional Eating

Snacking while watching your favorite TV show or feeling down might feel like the perfect pick-me-up, but mindlessly snacking can also cause overeating. And chances are good that you’re not snacking on veggies and hummus but probably something with empty calories such as chips or candy. These foods, while a lovely treat in moderation, could be the reason you’re having trouble losing weight. If you are having trouble losing weight due to emotional eating, our West Bradenton, FL, can prescribe medications that help control binge eating or mindless snacking.

Most doctors aren’t trained in obesity medicine, so if you find that you aren’t getting the help you need from your current doctor or you feel embarrassed bringing up weight loss with your PCP, our West Bradenton, FL, obesity medicine doctor may be the perfect specialist to turn to. We provide compassionate, understanding obesity medicine care to patients of all ages. Call Discover Health today at (941) 792-8383.

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