Ways We Can Help Managing Your Weight

Proven Tools To Help Managing Your Weight

Obesity can greatly increase the risk of developing a variety of serious chronic conditions and health complications. Just about every health professional recommends making lifestyle and dietary changes, but often doesn't provide you with any more guidance. Even if you are committed to making changes the road ahead can be difficult if you embark on it on your own, so if you are looking for help meeting your goals then consider your Bradenton, FL, weight loss experts, learn more about the many ways that they can help by reaching out to Dr. Jeremy McConnell and program director Rachel Smith, DNP, ARNP, of Discover Health.

Weight Loss Toolkit

Weight loss is a personal journey and requires personalized help, so it typically begins with a complete medical assessment to better understand your needs, strengths, and limitations.

Treatment takes a multifaceted approach that involves improving nutrition, increasing activity levels with regular exercise, addressing sleep problems, and reducing stress, among other issues that are making it difficult for you to become as healthy as you want to be.

You'll have access to information that can allow you to become better informed about the changes you need to make and how they relate to your health.

But you won't be alone during this journey, you'll be able to meet with a coach that can guide you throughout. In person appointments can be a great way to track your progress, but you'll have access to help also via the telephone or electronically.

Your weight loss experts can also coordinate with your other physicians to better coordinate your health care needs, as well as prescribe medication and suggest treatments and therapies that can get you closer to your overall goals.

Weight Loss in Bradenton, FL

Explore your weight loss treatment options in Bradenton, FL, by scheduling a consultation with Dr. McConnell and program director Rachel Smith, DNP, ARNP, of Discover Health by dialing (941) 667-2796.

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