Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Health and wellness are more than just buzzwords. Our health has a direct impact on our relationships, job performance, and even our emotional states. At Discover Health, Dr. Jeremy McConnell can help West Bradenton, FL, residents understand what they need to know about weight loss to help keep it off.

Weight-Related Health Issues

With so many out-of-shape skinny people in the world, it can be easy to fool ourselves into thinking that being a little overweight is fine as long as we can outrun that skinny person. Unfortunately, just by being overweight our bodies become more inclined to develop heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and several other chronic illnesses. That doesn't count the expected issues, such as bad ankles, knees, and hips that will eventually come.

You Are What You Eat…and Drink, and Do

Our bodies are the sum of the decisions we’ve made up to this point. If we’ve chosen healthy decisions more frequently than not, our bodies will be in good shape. If we have chosen the opposite, our bodies will reflect that. 

The solutions we often need to lose weight usually need to be customized because our situations are very unique. For example - after-work weight lifting exercises may be crucial for people with sedentary jobs, but may be overkill if you work a job that is physically demanding. A waitress probably doesn't need to invest in a treadmill.

Reframe Your Perspective

People love our coping mechanisms. Unless your coping mechanism is exercise, it is probably an unhealthy one that adds weight (food and/or booze). Food and alcohol are not an enemy on their own, it is how we use them that determines their role. The same red wine that can be good for heart health in moderation will destroy the liver if consumed in excess.

Food will comfort our moods and our moods will regulate our food choices until we consciously break the habit and choose the healthier option.

Know the Facts

Potatoes are low in calories and high in Vitamin C. But, various carb diets have gotten people to abandon potatoes as though vegetable was the problem in the diet. The potato - not the butter, sour cream, and cheese that is added to a baked potato; not the grease and condiments used when frying potatoes - the potato got the blame. 

Successful weight loss happens when people are able to look at living differently. This creates a desire to eat better and be more active. To find out how Dr. Jeremy McConnell at Discover Health is helping West Bradenton, FL, residents on their weight-loss journeys, call (941) 792-8383 to schedule a consultation.

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